About Esendal

About Esendal Travel

We offer and design a variety of Tour Programs and itineraries to suit individuals and groups with a desire to make everyone's holiday comfortable and enjoyable. We assure the wealth of experience and professionalism gained a distinguished reputation among Travel Agencies.

Our Tours emphasize the rich experience to be gained in Turkey. We'll stay in elegant hotels, enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine, shop in the bazaars, and learn to bargain in the Turkish way. The spectacular natural scenery of Turkey plays a major role in tours; you will marvel at the varied environments and magnificent landscapes of Anatolia. We meet Turkish people and talk with them. We learn about the numerous historical periods and cultures, from Stone Age villages through development of the first cities. We learn about Anatolian people through the ages; the Hattian, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, the rise and fall of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Empires and the creation of the modern Turkish secular republic. We enjoy visits to superb museums filled with ancient treasures, and many ancient and religious sites from different periods and civilizations.

Esendal International Tourism & Travel is an "Exclusive Boutique Enterprise" specialized in individuals as well as groups - our programs are not bound to large group numbers. We are able to guarantee departures for small numbers of people, at prices appropriate to the numbers that actually depart, instead of requiring large minimum numbers for pre-scheduled dates. This is part our "Exact Pricing Policy" for groups and individuals. There is no need to wait for a large group that may, or may not materialize. Most importantly, your tour will never be canceled just because high number are not reached, your tour price will not be increased, nor will the quality of your ever be compromised, in order to make up for lack of participation.

Esendal International Tourism & Travel Ltd. works very differently, diligently and efficiently with its personalized service. We put your interest and comfort first. We are very proud of our service which can be summarized in three words, Personalized Service, Quality, Reliability. The different programs in our brochure and itinerary are chosen as the most sought after tour programs of Turkey, covering the historical, archeological, biblical and natural beauties of this beautiful country. Esendal International Tourism & Travel Ltd. is also ready to serve for your Fit's, tailor made programs and incentives as Turkey has become a sought after incentive destination in the last years. We make complete travel arrangements in Turkey for families, small groups, incentive groups, religious groups, student groups, business people, VIP and executive people. We are a government recognized and approved Travel Agency license number is 4351. We are active affiliated member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.

Esendal tour leaders/ guides are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and informative. We pay extra attention to our tour leaders/ guides and drivers. We know that tour leaders/ guides should be special people. They have come from a variety of backgrounds, have years of experience as professional tour guides/ leaders and are usually employed full time in guiding. They love sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with you; they are committed to help you and make your holiday a memorable one. They should not only know all about Turkey’s history art, culture and socio- economy, but also they should care about people and get pleasure sharing with them. We know our tour leaders/guides personally and choose them among thousands and have worked with them for years. Their sensitivity and warmth make them our dear friends as well as one of the major keys to our success.

We cooperate with the most reliable companies they provide us technical assistance for the meetings, conferences and venues we organize. We use the most luxurious yachts (gullets) for our Blue Cruise Tours in Mediterranean and Aegean.