Health Tourism


Turkey is among the top 10 in health sector in the world with its health infrastructure and quality of tourism as a medical destination. Medical tourism is highly developed; including the well-educated, expert, qualified   and professional doctors, nurses and other staff in health sector, as well as very new ultra -modern hospitals which are  donated, equipped with advanced, up to date  medical equipment’s. Turkey has hosted more than 800,000 visitors for medical tourism in recent years.  Turkey, renowned for its thermal resources, natural environments with fresh and very clean air for those looking for very clean and fresh air especially for people having respiratory health problems. Turkey is a country meeting the demands of tourists/visitors and offers the best quality accommodation in five star hotels as well as luxurious boutique properties. During the Covid-19 disease, Turkey’s Health sector became very successful and has gained very good reputation in the world with its high quality medical services offered to our citizens. Our country, thanks to the Health Transformation Program having the high quality provision of health services for our citizens as well for foreign visitors in recent years, has the rapidly grooving potential of Health Tourism and is the most preferred one among the countries of top quality. Turkey has 70 health facilities with medical equipment of the latest technology and highly trained professionals accredited by the Joint Commission International. The number of private and public facilities controlled by the Ministry of Health is much more than that. The city hospitals equipped with advanced equipment, which have started to provide services in recent years, will also contribute to the increase of the share of our country in Health Tourism. Our aim is to meet the demands of those who want to get high quality, fast and efficient health service all over the world. Turkey.

Turkey, centrally located at the junction/meeting point of Europe, Asia and Middle East, provides services with over 60 countries, serving 1 million people. In addition, Turkey has visa free access from more than 70 countries, which has Turkish Airline having flights- to120 countries, 299 cities, 302 airports – as well national one with its brand. These features make Turkey one of the ideal health tourism attractions in the region as well as in the world.

Due to high level of qualified human resources, especially in the medical staff, as well as geographical location, seasonal advantages, quality of health service provision, world class technical and medical equipment, up to 60% favourable price advantage compared to Europe, USA and other developed countries, Turkey is becoming number one destination in the Health  Tourism in the world. Turkey is the first place m has also top thermal resources concerning rapidly growing population as well as youth population of the world along with traditional Turkish hospitality, which make Turkey the shining star in the world. Because of these, there is no obstacle preventing Turkey from becoming one of the tourist centres. There are three great advantages of medical tourism in Turkey; reasonable- price, instant access to high quality care and treatment in the world standards. The biggest benefit offered by Turkey is saving of money. Many procedures-treatments are 50 % to 70% less costly than the same treatment in the EU, UK and USA.

Turkey is now one of the most popular destinations for medical destinations for medical tourists. Turkey’s hospitals offer the most advanced medical treatments technology in the world today. In addition to being technologically advanced in medical infrastructure, health tourism in Turkey is in leading position with many advantages.

The main reasons for choosing Turkey as a medical destination are;

  • JCI-accredited medical hospitals and well –equipped hospitals
  • High quality of health services
  • Well educated and qualified doctors and medical staff
  • Competitive prices
  • Turkish Hospitality and culture
  • Geographical location
  • Traditional culture, natural- scenic landscape, historical , archaeological sites and many more  touristic attractions

Types of Health Tourism

  • Senior Tourism(Sightseeing Tours, Occupational Therapies)
  • Elder Care Services (Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Services)
  • Rehabilitation Services in Clinical Hotels and Recreation Areas
  • Special Care and Sightseeing Tours for the Disabled  visitors



  • Advanced Treatments (Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy, Cyber Knife etc.)
  • Transplantation
  • Infertility (IVF application)
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Eye Treatment, Dental Treatment, Dialysis etc.
  • Hair Transplant, Dental Implant
  • Aesthetic Surgery(Medical Aesthetics,  Abdominal Aesthetics, Lip Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics, Breast Aesthetic,  Leg Aesthetics, Arm Aesthetics, Eye Aesthetics, the Back Aesthetics and Buttock Aesthetics)
  • Obesity Surgery( Stomach Botox, Tube Stomach & Gastric By Pass)
  • Service Locations: Hotel booking, hospital and doctor booking.  And Health Organizations
  • All return transfers between airports-hotels and Hospitals
  • Professional health services and organization of  ESENDAl TOURISM & TRAVEL

Our Health Services

Medical Counselling

Our medical counselling service is free of charge, and after you decide on treatment and choose our service you want to take advantage, our team will make the most appropriate planning for you and you will receive the price list.

Airport Transfer

If you specify that you would like to take advantage of our airport transfer service while your travel arrangements are made, our representative will meet you at the airport at your scheduled departure date, based on your estimated time of arrival and transfer you to the hotel.

Our staff /representative will transfer you back to the airport, after completion of your treatment, for your departure flight back to your country

Hotel-Hospital- Hotel Transfer

Our staff/representative will meet you at the lob of your hotel to transfer you to the hospital where you will receive medical treatment, after treatment will transfer you back to your hotel. This service will be provided continuously by Esendal Tourism Health’s department   during your treatment

Accommodation Service

Accommodation alternatives will be offered by our  professional accommodation team for  our medical tourists/guests who want to come to Turkey  for treatment.

City Tours & Vacations

Our very expert, Turkey specialists  team/staff  will organize you private  guided city tours, shopping tours, boat tours, gourmet tours, leisure vacation and cultural, historical, archaeological package tours in all over Turkey.

Medical Visa Process

Once you decide to be treated in Turkey, your documents, which show that you will visit Turkey for medical treatment, will be sent to you by our negotiated health care providers.

  • Private VIP Airport and medical treatment transfer
  • 5 Star  Hotel Accommodation
  • English Speaking Interpreter



Health tourism in the World & Turkey has developed in the last 15 years. There are millions of people in the world who travelled with the aim of medical tourism, thus the total revenue from this sector has gone up over 130 billion US dollars in a year. Also thermal tourism, medical spa tourism, elderly and disabled tourism revenues are much more than the medical tourism revenues.

In Turkey we are trying hard to diversify health tourism and medical tourism and offer it to the ones who need throughout the 12 months of a year in Turkey.

In our country there are more than 60 health institution accredited by Joint Committee International (JCI). In Turkey the city hospitals, private hospitals, university hospitals, public hospitals all have been offering a variety of high quality   health services with a very advanced and strong infrastructure t flourish health tourism as well.

In health care servicing, Turkey has become   an essential health base in this region of the world with its human resource quality, cost- effectivity, advanced technology use and practice of International standards.

Recently, hundreds and thousands of patents have come to Turkey to receive treatment, primarily from neighbouring countries, from Central Asia , Middle, Middle East,  African States, European Countries  and USA

We provide the following services in Health Tourism

Dental Treatments, Plastic Surgery, Hair Treatments, Infertility, Eye Treatments, Geriatrics, Thermal Tourism, Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopaedics, Urology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Paediatric Cardiology, Oncology, Haematology, Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) Transplantation, Organ Transplantation



  • High quality healthcare services at affordable prices - one third of some countries
    •Short waiting periods
    •Qualified healthcare professionals
    •Medical centres equipped with advanced and high  technology
    •Diversity in health tourism
    •Geographical location

    •Transportation advantage, being at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and  Middle East
  • Thermal Spa Resort & Wellness
  • Strong and diversified tourism infrastructure  & Turkish Hospitality