Dear Yasar,
Where did the time go, since we returned from Istanbul? I have been so busy – but I am sorry that I didn`t email you earlier.
We were all so happy with our trip to Turkey; and I want to thank you for all the care and trouble that you took, to make sure that we were well looked after, and that we saw as much as possible. Everyone in our party was very conscious of the love and care that you had for us… it goes much further than just ordinary friendly tourism, you made us feel that we had been good friends for a long time. This is very rare, and I want to thank you personally; we also shared some quiet time together, and I will not forget this.
We are just leaving for France and Germany (I will be singing in Berlin) … we hope that the weather will not be so bad, we had rain here almost continuously for the last 3 weeks.
If ever you come to UK, please make contact with me, you will be welcome here (and it does not always rain!).
With best wishes,