Penny and I once again want to thank you for making our trip to your beautiful county one of our most enjoyable and memorable vacations. You should be pleased to hear that you are an outstanding guide – your knowledge and service orientation is exemplary. We have and will continue to recommend you to our friends.
I also wanted to remind you of my interest in attending next year`s world cup in Germany. If you can be helpful, I am looking for 4 good to excellent tickets for the quarterfinal match to be played in Berlin on June 30(w49vsw50) I will also need two hotel rooms in Berlin at a top quality hotel the four nights of June 29, June 30, July 01 and July 02. Hotel choices include the hotel Adlon, or the Regent. I will need one suite one deluxe with 2 beds.
Before I book my flights, please let me know if you can deliver!
Again, thank you for your friendship and hospitality.
Warmest regards,

Michael HOROWITS, Present – EnTrust Capital Inc. USA