Hi Yasar,
Gary called me today and told me he and the rest of the group had a great time in Istanbul. Your choice of hotel, the Armada, was perfect. He said it truly was a 4-star hotel and the location was absolutely the best. The views from the rooftop restaurant bar were amazing, just as you said. Gary really appreciated your personal service and attention to every detail. He told me that if I ever send groups to Istanbul in the future, that I can certainly count on you to make sure that everything happens as it should, and that nothing can go wrong if you are in charge. So thank you very much for all you did for this group – I think you were above and beyond what they paid with all the extra service you provided. I will most certainly work with you again if I have another group coming to Istanbul, and I will remind my colleagues to work with you as well.
All the best!
Best regards,